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Several years ago I gave a presentation to break the ice to a new team I was part of; Tim Barlow Age 37 3/4 was the result. Years later I reconnected with a colleague from that meeting and was encouraged to update the presentation and show my clients, prospects and web traffic who I am, what I am and where I am, as well as why my business service matters.

So, for a little bit of fun, here are two short videos about me. A short introduction to me and the (not-long awaited) sequel – Tim Barlow Aged 44.5 – see it first here soon…

  1. The best HR practices for many years have been the exclusive property of those who can afford it.
  2. Our economy is in a position that this is not sustainable.
  3. We’ve made it simple, affordable and accessible.
  4. We are doing it , because we have to.

UK 40 Year Performance in video.

UK Regional Stats.

  • The UK economy is at the bad end of a twenty-five year productivity slump – see how your region compares with our European cousins.
  • Coincidentally, the productivity slump started when the Flexible Labour Market was ‘introduced’ and the economic theory has never been analysed or revised.
  • The resulting (and current) data suggests we are in a worse position now than we were. So, the theory can not have worked.
  • The GAP between Academia and Commerce severely hampers our Business Leaders from making good decisions which results in poorer performance and data.
  • We have taken it upon ourselves to say it as it is and do something to help.
  • Our Audit and Services translate the highly specialist and detailed academic studies so you don’t have to.

UK 40 Year Performance.

Our past performances look no better:

Graph source:

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