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Attention HR – Warning Signs

by Timothy Barlow

February 2019

If your employee turnover is higher than 15% per year, or if your average sick day figure exceeds 4.5 days per year, you are above average, you should address them. If the majority of your employees who leave, do so from one department, there is a problem with that department or manager. Whatever your data shows you, it can be improved.

A highly engaged employee is more productive and their engagement level can be measured and managed by a highly effective HR function. Knowing a company-wide 1% rise in employee engagement can add up to 9% to your bottom line it does seem that if you are not managing your talent, you are mis-managing your talent and failing to maximise productivity and performance.

Measuring and managing employee engagement and managing your talent correctly can add up to 30% to your bottom line and organisations who use talent management platforms and processes for over ten years are said to see an 800% improvement over those who don’t. If organisations had made on average 20% more for the last twenty years, our current economic picture would look totally different and that means the personal bank accounts of you and me as well.

If you take 1 thing from this site, please make it: 20/60/20 Rule of Employee Engagement. This ‘rule’ suggests that:

20% of your people are being the best employee they can

60% of your people are coasting

20% are pulling back and hindering your operation

In your own Organisation, can you put names to them? What are you doing to (re-) engage your people collectively?

If you would like to toolkit to DIY, please reach out or find: The Great British Productivity Challenge in our website.

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