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CopiasTM is the only platform of its kind and has been designed exclusively for SME’s.

  • Copias:   Latin, noun

  • Pron:

  • Def:    Forces, abundance, supply



  • Reduces Business & HR Risk
  • Increases Productivity
  • Refines your HR Algorithm

  1. If your last years audited accounts show a loss, your first year with CopiasTM is free.
  2. All users must complete an HR Audit prior to accessing the platform.

CopiasTM enjoys a unique combination of essential processes, analysed against your results.

It includes:

  • Alerts & Prompts
  • Processes & Templates
  • Talent Development module
  • Onboarding & Ramp Up process and measures
  • Skills Matrices
  • Career Plans
  • Communications Tool, two-way, with anonymous comments inbox
  • Knowledge Management, Employee & Organisation Tacit Knowledge
  • Helps you to record a unique combination of essential processes and analyse them against your results
  • Productivity & Financial Analysis Module
  • Surveys & Survey Platform
  • Bespoke Reports
  • Resources & Support

CopiasTM layers all of the essential HR activities together and records the facts, strategies, results and memories so you can keep track of your HR metrics and correlate them with your financial performance.

Our platform tracks and allows you to manage your biggest asset by developing the skills and engagement you need so you can make better business decisions.

With employee tenure hovering around four years, once your people leave, your knowledge and skills go to. By using this platform you will retain your knowledge and that of your employees and you will increase your productivity and your profits.

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