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Would you like... to measure your HR?

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    Do you want.. Academia's HR Research and Insight?

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    HR Course

    HR best practice for many years has been the exclusive property of those who can afford it.

    That is where we come in.

    Lasting Change – in 6 weeks:

    Would you prefer to work with Copias Talent Management

    HR Course

    A discovery meeting and audit starts the process followed by a company-wide survey which allows us to calculate your HR Risk and Journey. Our Report makes clear the findings and recommendations, which include the processes, strategies and templates your HR function requires.

    Our Course gives you the tools and insight to achieve it.


    Talent Management Platform

    CopiasTM includes an alerts module with customisable prompts, schedules and templates to help any level of User easily master the necessary strategies and processes and enjoy the highest standards of HR Practices.

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