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Our HR Academy develops and instills all of the required best practices to enable our Clients to crystalise the forming, development and refining of an HR Operation in a manner that does not involve us.

You work at your own pace with the Transition Strategy as you enjoy the programme which includes our processes, templates, insight and framework to give your HR function all that they require as they seek long term capital accumulation through your people.

The Transition Strategy allows clear understanding of your current position against that which is recommended and which gives steps and stages to identify what you have and what you need and how to embed them. The Templates are accessible from secure links and download areas detailed in the HR Course Booklet, and Support is always available should you require it.

HR Course Handbook: The Great British Productivity Challenge

  • Transition Strategy – recommended plan & stages to complete
  • Processes, Templates & Framework
  • Attention HR – underlying Employee Challenges (internal & external)
  • Your Relationship between Productivity & Profit – HR metrics & Trends
  • Accounting for HR Performance – Measurement Technique
  • Develop your HR Algorithm
  • HR Course Checklist & Trouble Shooting
  • NEW Theory – The Science of Productive Forces
  • NEW Theory – Fractal Productivity


Realistically, the rate and pace of change depends entirely on the will of the Senior Leadership to provide the energy to drive through transformative change. We find that clients fall into a number of categories who require and enjoy the content for different reasons.

Sub-25: Embedded early, the benefits of a full and proper HR function are enjoyed giving access to long term profits and reduced Business Risk.

25-50: Will have developed policies and processes specific to them and their journey and who are now searching for advances in Competitive Advantage.

50-250: Are often in the throws of the greatest and most profitable part of their existence, but which sees Acquisitions  and Mergers bringing in new cultures and the workforce from. By aligning business units and functions synergies and opportunities of best or better practice is easily identified offering areas of improvement and competitive advantage to be exploited.

All Clients report:

  • Reduction of Staff Turnover & Sick Day
  • Increase of On-boarding Time
  • Increase Engagement
  • Improved ‘feel’ of the workforce
  • Less Health & Safety Incidents
  • Increases in Operating & Financial Metrics
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