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HR Change is Coming
  • The Change Process starts with an Senior Leadership meeting followed by an Audit.
  • The delivery of our Report and Transition Strategy.
  • The option to implement the advice with or without our assistance.
  • You will learn how to identify the financial impact of your management, your people and their actions.
You Got HR Change
You can have HR Change

By enjoying all of Academia’s best practices an organisation can enjoy HR Change and give itself  the success it desires.

Less than 2% of surveyed organisations enjoy ALL of them, therefore 98% can be more productive and make more money by adopting better practices.

  • With our Transition Strategy we take organsations straight to best practice, 18 of them..
  • By the end of the Transition an HR function runs as a Profit Centre from which they can advise and guide the business, being able to show the financial impact strategies and actions.
  • We provide processes and templates for all areas of potential change and support bringing them to life in each of our clients unique and specific circumstances.
  • You will see the impact of your actions in 6-16 weeks
  • HR Change can be enjoyed as a Course or Project for an organisation to complete, or it can instruct us to assist.
HR Change can be easy to find
HR Change Can Be Easy To Find
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