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Course Outline – Do It Yourself

*Content & Guides Only

*TWO HOUR Explain & Empower ZOOM Session

*FREE ONLINE Resources

*FREE ONLINE Templates


Course Outline – Done With You

*Content & Guides

*ONE HOUR Discovery Session

*THREE HOUR Explain & Empower ZOOM Session

*ONSITE Support where / when possible

*UNLIMITED Email & Phone Support

*WEEKLY ZOOM Support, Q&A and Progress To Plan For THREE MONTHS (Additional Support Available If Required)

*FREE ONLINE Resources

*FREE ONLINE Templates


This Course contains:

*Starting Point Analysis

*Transition Strategy Booklet

*Step-by-Step ROLL-OUT of SOLUTION

*Weekly ZOOM Support for THREE MONTHS

Additional Coaching Available on Request

*NEW THEORY – The Science of Productive Forces

*All of the necessary processes, templates and techniques to enjoy all of the best HR practices

*Poacher turned Gamekeeper Insight

*Relationship between Talent Management, Productivity and Profit

*Free printed copy of Accounting for HR Performance



*The truth behind the statistics for the UK

*Clubhouse Chatroom

Designed to give an SME all the tools, insight and ability to operate in a manner that saves time and simplifies workloads our course, “The Great British Productivity Challenge” helps you identify those areas you can improve in and helps you do so.

Complemented with journey and process checklists, frameworks, templates, info-sheets and online support we have tailored our process to facilitate remote learning at speed for any HR/Administrative Team, that is looking to develop itself.

Designed for sub-150 clients and deliverable at scale, “The Great British Productivity Challenge” challenges you to see by how much your metrics will improve. 

Our price guarantee reflects our results.

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