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Strategic HR Partner

Change Agent

Admin Expert

Admin Expert

Developing trust and communication with our Client’s Senior Leadership, Management Heirachy, Workforce and their HR function is of critical importance to the success of any partnership and business relationship, so we encourage and facilitate relevant, regular online and telephone sessions, workshops and support to complement a mix of virtual and real-world activity (when social distancing allows) to deliver your growth ambitions.

 To achieve our Client Goals we use our:

  1. HR Audit
  2. Talent Management Platform
  3. HR Course
  4. Support (admin)
  5. Support (advisory)

To realise successful and meaningful change an organisation can  often benefit from an ‘External Agent of Change’ who has a deep understanding of the issues at hand and being faced and with our blend of Organisational Theory, Research and Experience our services make lucid the levers and gears that drive Competitive and Comparative Advantage.

Business Journeys are exciting, challenging and demanding so it is vital that your HR Partner is skilled at communication and able to meet, engage and develop strong relationships with all Stakeholders at all levels within the Organisation. We are experienced at getting your Employees In to, Up through and Out of the roles of your employment.

With thirty years of experience, insight and knowledge of Performance HR, Employment Law, TUPE and HR Administration we are in an excellent position to support clients for less than the the efficiencies we haven’t accessed.

We enjoy our a Legal Facility provided by a 170 yr/old Legal Practice and provide expert advice or representation before, during or after any Employment need; though it is our personnel who continue to be the face of our business, supported with our own expert advisors, so we can be yours.

Our Research Facility and Academic efforts are available as clients may wish to unlock content from the ‘Un-Read Library’ via our HRInsight Podcast.

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