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  Why do I need an HR Risk Audit?


The underlying principle is that Business Risk Kills.  Therefore, not having all of the known drivers of HR, Engagement, Productivity and Profit in place and improving makes the already difficult role of a Manager, Leader or Director even more difficult. This is a contributory factor to why our businesses’ results are not as always as they might want.

Academia has a vast wealth of research papers at it’s disposal yet it is said at least half are never read, the other half enjoy an average 10 reads each. With around 6 million businesses in the UK it is not impossible to conclude that some organisations are missing out on on vital knowledge.

We have combined the relevant processes and practices and created our HR Risk Audit. An Audit can be booked and deployed in minutes, the data and insight you receive will change your business forever.

Businesses face a number of areas of risk in their business life-cycle, some of which can be seen in an organisation’s HR metrics, some in the organisations habits and some lay hidden in its staff. Ignored they will stifle and kill a business, managed they can be turned into competitive advantage and kill/outperform their competitors instead. They are all be addressed with our HR Risk Audit and Course.

The risks are due to the business life cycle, maturity stage, its’ asset conversion cycle, market conditions and its people and their skills. To help clients face the challenge we deliver an audit with actions and our HR course with all corrective processes. Those that take it further use our Talent Management platform.

Depending on the starting point and that clients stick to the plan, we expect to see an improvement of between 5-30% to your metrics/bottom line between 6-16 weeks, (subject to the length of your Operating Cycle and your adherance to the Transition Strategy).

The report and advisory notes are delivered against our “Science of Productive Forces” Question Framework. Once a single cycle of this process has completed, your HR Team or Personnel will be in a position to perform it themselves year on year.

The Audit includes The Great British Productivity Challenge with it’s topics:

  • New HR Theory,
  • New HR Measurement Approach,
  • Productivity Measurement Calculations,
  • 18 Processes & Templates,
  • Attention HR – Warning Signs,
  • Poacher turned Gamekeeper Insight,
  • UK Labour Market Theory & Debate


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