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No Industrial Strategy = No Industrial Chance

No Industrial Strategy = No Industrial Chance

If we are to believe that the UK Government has scrapped it’s interest in having Industrial Reviews, (Financial Times Article Tuesday 9th March 2021) which were at the centre of the economic support afforded to UK SME’s, “where does that leave us?” is a valid question @RishiSunak @KwasiKwarteng @HMTreasury @beisgovuk @cabinetofficeuk @IIP @bethebusiness

It is important to remember the origin of these reviews and the purpose with which they were given to us. The Conservative Government in 1979 succeeded that of Labour in the middle of turbulent and difficult Employment Relations landscape challenging organisations and their employees and National stability.

The country had been in the grip of strikes and serious labour discontent reached an all-time high, Norman Tebbit and Margaret Thatcher gave us an untested theory developed by Hugh Clegg from his observations of the Swedish manufacturing system which was in turn based on the Japanese Just In Time theory of the 1950’s but which was to supported and guided by credible experts. Fast forward to 2021 it’s national and cultural relevance, suitability and efficacy has never been established in their own environment, let alone ours and now we’ve abandoned caring?

If we did away with Life-Guards from swimming pools, would more swimmers get into trouble? Clearly. Have you stopped caring about economic well-being and SME survival @RishiSunak and @KwasiKwarteng?

This 1970’s change gave rise to the notion of the UK’s Flexible Labour Market, and now 40 years later we know this as Flexible Working. The Flexible Labour Market was supported by a series of Industry Reports and Activities including data, theorising and financial support which set out Government’s top level advice and action plan with steps to address the very clear Productivity issue the country faced; to give up before any sort of COVID /economic recovery has begun seems odd, it must be argued that we need to discuss this publicly.

As part of these reviews great efforts were made and costs incurred as theory and support packages via a national network of delivery (expert) Partners rolled out training and development schemes for business and their people; Investors in People was born in 1991 and BeTheBusiness in the 2017. Heavily funded and supported with genuine experts and Captains of Industry including Sir Charlie Mayfield and Lord Leitch who advocated a serious a far reaching shake-up of skills which never arrived, supported by Workplace Employment Relations Surveys which gave sporadic but deep insight into the state of the actual situation, but they were dropped years ago. Today we learn that the advice these efforts explored and results they presented are no longer needed, our economy must be working, rejoice..

But, that’s right, the UK has enjoyed a Productivity decline, nay flat-line, for forty years and even before COVID languished no-where near the top of ONS (EU) Productivity Charts, and now we are giving up even trying. If you prefer to see it in video, click here.

Forty years into an untested experiment that has never been reviewed, we have stopped trying to help it. “What to do?: Becomes a very important question. Should Commerce believe it knows better than the experts? Did the experts know anything in the first place?

What is clear is that Training and Investment into a workforce delivers significant and measurable financial and non-financial benefit to the organisations in question, each organisation is different, facing different challenges but there are patterns and strategies that can, and perhaps should, be in place that will positively affect the employees within an organisation, their well-being and mental health and their productivity by developing the management of them, their knowledge and their results to create your businesses outcomes. IF you as an employer don’t care and don’t have everything in place, don’t worry, the millennials will find that out and decide your future for you.

The pre-COVID signs showed that employee turnover was at an all-time record low of around 4 years per person per job, this can be seen as Flexible Working at it’s best, allowing staff to move between employment positions to suit their need, OR it might be suggested, knowing the 75% employees leave their managers not the role, perhaps we could better help our employees and the managers of them in their pursuit of better business outcomes.

By utilising a framework that is shown against all academic research to increase the chance of profits, survival and engagement your business will benefit. By managing the data obtained in these areas, the organisations in question will improve their situation and at times like this that means survival.

The services available from gives your ‘people function’ all that it needs to operate at the highest level with a new way of thinking about and running HR, a new HR measurement Technique and detailed insight into your business and your business successes and we have designed your journey with us to be delivered remotely or for you to DIY.

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