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Root Of The Problem Is Also The Solution

Root of the problem is also the solution

The problem is in the hands of our Managers who are responsible for the outcomes of their employees and in turn our economy; so, this is about our people (of all levels, occupations and seniority) and the way they act at work. GB workers in 2017 were 35% less productive than our German and 30% less productive than our French counterparts, meaning it takes us five days what it takes them four days to do and the gap is widening.

UK Nationals can be every bit as productive as our International allies so the root of the problem lies with the circumstances or environment in which we work. With our people making our businesses and our businesses making our economy, the problem must be addressed by the managers who are trusted with their performance.

There are a mass of products and services designed to help managers and executives but without a deep knowledge or understanding the majority of organisations see their Human Resource function as a cost centre, an employee administration function rather than a profit centre and only employ some of what is needed when managing a complicated and high-value resource.

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