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Why I left the rat-race

by Timothy Barlow

September 2019


I left the rat race because I was tired of driving a thousand miles per week selling expensive, aspirational business performance services to organisations that weren’t ready for high performing practices; because they needed easy to adopt and effective policies on the route to increased Productivity and higher profits; so that is what I put together.

My name is Timothy Barlow and I’m contacting you from I have just written “The Great British Productivity Challenge” which analyses the relationship between Talent Management, Productivity and Profit. In it I describe a new approach which I call “The Science of Productive Forces’.

The book and theory is part of a six month plan which includes eighteen processes to increase employee engagement, retention, productivity and profit. I also include my “Productive Forces – Talent Management – Questionnaire”. Each of the processes is known to add between 5-30% to an organisations bottom line.

This plan is complemented by my Talent Management Platform, “CopiasTM”, the only platform to link HR actions with a Business’s financial results. It shows you the financial consequences of your people actions.

If you would like to know more about how to do this yourelf, reach out.

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