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Would you like a fish, or fishing rod and fish finding equipment?

by Timothy Barlow

December 2019


Businesses face risk from their business lifecycle, some of which can be seen in an organisation’s HR metrics. Ignored they will stifle and kill a business, managed they can be turned into competitive advantage and kill/outperform your competitors instead. They are all be addressed with our Audit.

The risks are due to the business life cycle, maturity stage, its’ asset conversion cycle, market conditions and its people and their skills. To help clients face the challenge we deliver an audit with actions and our HR course with all corrective processes. Those that take it further enjoy our Talent Management platform.

Depending on the starting point and that clients stick to the plan, I expect to see an improvement of between 5-30% to your metrics/bottom line between 6-16 weeks, (subject to the length of your Operating Cycle).

My platform is the only one to correlate your HR actions and your financial success. I have found myself a crusade, I really want to teach businesses how to become more productive and profitable, because en-masse it would have a really positive effect on our economy.

A few questions for background?

Q – did you know that a 1% rise in engagement can put up to 9% on your bottom line?___

Q – how/do you measure engagement?__________________________________________

Q – have you heard of the 20/60/20 rule of engagement?____________________________

Q – how/do you decide if what you are doing is working?___________________________

Q – how/do you measure your staff?____________________________________________

Q – what is your turnover of staff figure, total, per department?_______________________

Q – does your most senior HR employee report at your board meetings?________________

Q – do you analyse your actions against your financial results?_______________________

If you would like to know more about the solutions to these questions, reach out.

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