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Your Country needs you – ONLY FOR SME’s.

by Timothy Barlow

January 2020


In the next few minutes I am going to show you a problem you didn’t know we had, teach you my new theory to deal with this nightmare scenario, give you the tools and knowledge to save our zombie nation; go to the beach and make some bread.

Britain is in crisis. Our economy is less productive than those of France, Germany, Italy and America. Our business regions languish at the bottom of the EU productivity league table, our SME’s have the highest failure rate across Europe and our Business leaders and managers must simply take responsibility and act; before it is too late.

Ive just written “The Great British Productivity Challenge” which analyses the relationship between Talent Management, Productivity and Profit. It is what my dissertation was on, what I worked on with Investors In People and Grant Thornton LLP, and I am now exploring it with my PhD research.

Now, anyone can become a business owner, leader or manager in this country and that is fine, but is does mean we have people not trained or experienced in business, leadership or management, managing and leading our businesses. IMAGINE if I, trained in Business and HR were to suddenly open a doctors surgery, a metal fabricating and welding shop or be given a pilots licence without experience or qualifications? Result – DISASTER.

And looking at the data, I think we can all do better. Link – G7 productivity curve & EU business region productivity.

So what can we do about this crisis and more importantly will we?

Lets take ourselves away from this for a second and go to the beach, where I will introduce you to “The Science of Productive Forces, Fractal Productivity and CopiasTM”.

p.s. If you think this isn’t for you, check our list to see if you have 25/25. If you have, it probably isn’t.

p.p.s. Or if you are happy with the financial impact of your HR actions calculated in this link, it probably isn’t.

p.p.p.s. If you are an SME, want to grow, want to be doing something your competitors aren’t yet, THIS IS FOR YOU.

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